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At PendAR, we pioneer the future of augmented and virtual reality with artificial intelligence, transforming today’s dreams into tomorrow’s realities.

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At PendAR, we’re committed to pioneering innovative AR/VR solutions that empower our customers to envision possibilities with the latest technologies.


Augmented Reality

With over 12 years at the forefront of Augmented Reality, PendAR harnesses this dynamic technology to address challenges across industries such as industrial, education, entertainment, and healthcare. We empower businesses with AR solutions to innovate and transform their operations.

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Virtual Reality

Leveraging a decade of expertise in Virtual Reality, PendAR offers immersive VR solutions that transform training, education, entertainment, and healthcare, enabling organizations to elevate their engagement and efficiency.

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Artificial Intelligence

PendAR harnesses artificial intelligence to streamline operations and personalize experiences across customer service, analytics, and automation, empowering businesses to innovate and excel in the digital era.

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Virtual Reality Simulations

At PendAR, we excel in crafting Virtual Reality simulators that revolutionize training and simulation experiences across industries like healthcare, aerospace, and manufacturing. Our VR solutions provide professionals with a realistic, risk-free environment to refine their skills, offering a cost-effective and efficient alternative to traditional training methods. From practicing surgical procedures to simulating flight conditions and machinery operation, PendAR’s VR technology enhances safety, learning outcomes, and operational efficiency.


Augmented Reality Training

At PendAR, our expertise in Augmented Reality training is transforming professional development across sectors such as healthcare, manufacturing, and education. By overlaying digital information onto the real world, our AR solutions offer hands-on learning experiences that are both immersive and interactive. Medical professionals can visualize complex anatomical structures in real space, manufacturing employees can receive real-time guidance on machinery, and students can explore interactive educational content. PendAR’s AR training not only accelerates skill acquisition and retention but also significantly reduces the resources needed for traditional training methods, streamlining the path to expertise and operational excellence.

AR Indoor Navigation

At PendAR, we specialize in augmented reality indoor navigation solutions that redefine how individuals interact with indoor spaces. Our AR technology overlays digital waypoints and information onto physical environments, guiding users through complex buildings like airports, shopping malls, and corporate campuses with ease. This innovative approach enhances the visitor experience by providing real-time directions, information about points of interest, and personalized recommendations. PendAR’s indoor navigation solution not only simplifies wayfinding but also empowers businesses to improve space utilization, enhance safety protocols, and offer targeted engagement opportunities, setting a new standard for navigating indoor environments.

AR Interactive Installations

At PendAR, we harness the power of augmented reality to create interactive installations that captivate and engage audiences in unique ways. Our AR installations blend the physical and digital worlds, allowing users to interact with dynamic, immersive content in settings such as museums, galleries, and public spaces. These experiences can transform passive observations into interactive journeys, enriching user engagement with educational content, storytelling, and brand interactions. PendAR’s AR installations not only enhance the aesthetic and informational value of spaces but also foster memorable connections between the content and the audience, pushing the boundaries of traditional engagement to new, exciting frontiers.

Instagram AR Filters

At PendAR, we innovate in the social media sphere by designing captivating augmented reality Instagram filters that enhance online interactions and self-expression. Our AR filters offer users a creative palette to transform their appearances, environments, and stories with interactive, visually stunning effects. From beauty enhancements and virtual try-ons to immersive games and animated narratives, PendAR’s Instagram filters bridge the gap between digital creativity and social engagement. These filters not only elevate the user experience but also provide brands with unique opportunities to engage with their audience, drive campaigns, and create viral moments, redefining the way content is shared and consumed on social platforms.

3D Scanning Using Deep Learning

At PendAR, we push the boundaries of 3D scanning with Neural Radiance Fields (NeRF) and 3D Gaussian Splattering, creating lifelike models of objects and environments. This innovative approach is revolutionizing industries such as real estate, enabling virtual property tours with unmatched realism, and airports, aiding in layout optimization and security enhancements. Additionally, these high-fidelity 3D models are instrumental in virtual reality (VR) applications and simulations. In VR, they allow for immersive experiences that are true to life, perfect for training simulations in fields ranging from healthcare to aviation, where accurate environmental replication is crucial. These applications demonstrate the versatility and impact of our 3D scanning technology, making it a pivotal tool for businesses looking to enhance visualization, training, and customer engagement through digital innovation.


AllThingsXR is a podcast hosted by PendAR’s CEO, Mojtaba Tabatabaie. Through this platform, we engage in enlightening conversations with some of the most innovative and skilled minds in the AR/VR and AI community, including notable figures like Rony Abovitz, the visionary founder of MagicLeap; Dennis Crowley, the pioneering founder of Foursquare; and the influential tech evangelist, Robert Scoble. For more insights and to explore our fascinating discussions, visit

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